This screen allows the user to recharge the user’s Pre-Deposit (PD) account. It displays the PD account Current Balance details. The objective of this process is the user has recharged the amount and the user is getting approval from Admin to add the recharged amount in PD account.

Access Path: Admin --> CargobyBLR A/C Management --> Credit Update

Following is the Account Credit Request screen:

  1. Following fields are present in the screen:
  2. Account Credit Request:

    Field Description
    Organization Name By default, displays User’s Organization Name.
    Account ID Displays User’s PD Account ID.
    Current Balance Displays User’s Current Balance in PD account.

    Details of Deposit Mode:

    Field Description
    Credit Type Select ‘Cheque/DD/PO’ or ‘Bank Transfer’ or ‘Cash’ in which payment is made.
    Bank Name Enter Bank Name.
    Branch Name Enter Bank Branch Name.
    Cheque/UTR No. Enter Cheque/UTR Number.
    Txn. Date Select Transaction Date.
    Amount Enter PD recharge Amount.
    Remark Enter Remark.

  3. Click on Browse button and select the recharge payment receipt. Click Upload button to upload the recharge payment receipt.

  4. The Kale Account Details for Cheque and Bank Transfer are displayed in Kale Account Details section.

  5. On clicking the Save button a pop-up message ‘The amount credited successfully in Organization’s PD account. Transaction reference number is:’ is displayed.

  6. On approval of PD Account Credit request by Admin, the recharge amount is added in Current Balance of Organization’s PD account. A system generated email is also sent to the Organization registered email id for successful recharge of PD Account.