Cargo Village is an area demarcated for activities pertaining to transport, logistics and distribution of goods both for national and international transit. Cargo Village would consist of a cluster of facilities such as warehouse, break-bulk centres, storage areas and offices. Cargo Village by BLR provides physical offices and warehouses spaces for various partners in the cargo ecosystem at BLR Airport.
The 32,800 square meters of area at the Cargo Village by BLR consists of 120 Units of warehouse-cum-offices measuring 750 square feet each and 80 Units of offices measuring 250 square feet each.
As part of our vision to make Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (KIAB/BLR Airport) a successful cargo hub, we have recently opened India’s first on-Airport Public Bonded Warehouse.
Operated by Cargo Service Center (CSC), the 10,000 sq.ft warehouse facility is under the jurisdiction of the City Commissionerate, Bengaluru Customs. This facility will reduce supply chain costs and facilitate trade at India’s IT hub and surrounding regions. The Public Bonded Warehouse will help re-export of goods, long-term storage of bonded cargo, assist in partial clearances and allow value-added services such as labelling, packing and repacking services.

BLR Airport

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Cargo Service Center

Mr. Narayan

Our Infrastructure:

BLR Airport hosts India’s first integrated on-airport Perishable Cargo Handling Centre, “AISATS COOLPORT”. This state-of-the-art facility meets the ever-increasing demands and handling requirements of temperature-sensitive cargo and further enhances India’s position as the pharmaceutical and perishable hub.

The second cold zone at BLR Airport is located at Menzies Aviation Bobba Bangalore, with the capacity to handle 20,000 MT per annum i.e. ~ 20 ULD Pallets from 15 to 25 degrees Centigrade and 2 ULD from 2 to 8 degrees Centigrade.

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