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Flight No.  
Flight Date  
ModeDateAirlineFlightNoScheduled EstimatedOriginDestinationStatus
DEPARTURE18 Jun 20216E6E 681716:3516:35BLRBOMSecurity
ARRIVAL18 Jun 2021SGSG 49418:3018:37DBRBLROn Time
ARRIVAL18 Jun 2021OGOG 10218:3518:45HBXBLROn Time
ARRIVAL18 Jun 2021EKEK 934418:3518:19DXBBLROn Time
ARRIVAL18 Jun 2021G8G8 80618:35 LKOBLRCancelled
ARRIVAL18 Jun 20216E6E 722418:4518:44VGABLROn Time
ARRIVAL18 Jun 20216E6E 87518:4518:31CCUBLROn Time
ARRIVAL18 Jun 2021UKUK 81718:5018:36DELBLROn Time
ARRIVAL18 Jun 20216E6E 599718:5518:40IXDBLROn Time
ARRIVAL18 Jun 20216E6E 10318:5518:40PNQBLROn Time
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Disclaimer: All users are requested to contact the respective airlines for the latest flight information to ensure accuracy.

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